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Tue, 26 November 2013 08:35:40 +0000
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If electricity comes from electrons, does that mean that morality comes from morons?

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Tue, 26 November 2013 07:47:34 +0000
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Tue, 26 November 2013 06:01:57 +0000
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Tue, 26 November 2013 03:58:13 +0000
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Tue, 26 November 2013 00:55:34 +0000
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Tue, 26 November 2013 00:42:52 +0000
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Mon, 25 November 2013 23:54:39 +0000
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Mon, 25 November 2013 21:25:42 +0000
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Mon, 25 November 2013 21:24:40 +0000
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Mon, 25 November 2013 21:24:33 +0000
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