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Sat, 16 November 2013 11:06:39 +0000
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Sat, 16 November 2013 10:57:11 +0000
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Sat, 16 November 2013 10:53:33 +0000
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Sat, 16 November 2013 09:03:05 +0000
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Sat, 16 November 2013 03:56:26 +0000
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Yes, I'm fat, but you're ugly and I can go on a diet.

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Sat, 16 November 2013 02:14:32 +0000
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Fri, 15 November 2013 23:53:43 +0000
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Fri, 15 November 2013 23:18:38 +0000
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It was God who made me so beautiful. If I weren't, then I'd be a teacher.

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