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Wed, 19 February 2014 03:39:49 +0000
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The dangerous patriot ... is a defender of militarism and its ideals of war and glory.

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Tue, 18 February 2014 16:29:53 +0000
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The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

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Tue, 18 February 2014 14:56:34 +0000
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Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.

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Tue, 18 February 2014 07:50:35 +0000
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Ah well, then I suppose I shall have to die beyond my means.

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Tue, 18 February 2014 05:42:18 +0000
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Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.

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Tue, 18 February 2014 00:46:59 +0000
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How wrong it is for a woman to expect the man to build the world she wants, rather than to create it herself.

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Mon, 17 February 2014 17:27:50 +0000
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The power of accurate observation is frequently called cynicism by those who don't have it.

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Mon, 17 February 2014 01:56:57 +0000
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I don't care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members.

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Sun, 16 February 2014 20:30:35 +0000
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Before the war is ended, the war party assumes the divine right to denounce and silence all opposition to war as unpatriotic and cowardly.

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Sat, 15 February 2014 15:07:13 +0000
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Once you've written TBicycle, you never forget how.

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