Welcome to Hot Rod Hooch Hot Wheels collection website.Stuff will be posted here like…This is the Hot Rod Hooch Hot Wheels collection home page.

The Hot Rod Hooch main site is located at www.hotrodhooch.com

The Hot Rod Hooch Hot Wheels Collection is the private Hto Wheels collection of the founders of HotRodHooch.com – we simply have put it in a different site.

We started the collection in 2000, and it is not what we call a complete collection, which is one that collects every car for every year.

We are kinda picky, so the collection is really about collection the cars/castings that we like, such as 67 Camaros, Dairy Delivery, Purple Passions, etc.

We have about 500+ cars, and will be adding them to the site as we can, will try to do so every week.